date_range 26 - 27 MAI, 2017

3rd JKL Tattoo Convention Jyväskylä

room Jyväskylän Paviljonki

directions Lutakonaukio 12, Jyväskylä, Finlândia Central



This year I am organizing the JKL International Tattoo Convention again ( JKL stands for Jyväskylä, Finland). It’s a small convention with the looks of a big one.

Small because I am limiting the amount of artists at 70 , so that each artist has enough work, but with the looks of a big convention, so all the bonuses from big conventions: live music concerts and other shows, a great stand with good lighting, 12 contest categories and many more surprises. I am saying “I” as I am alone organizing this convention, no organization or anything. It is in fact a convention for artists organized by another artist.

This Time, the convention will be held Friday 26 and Saturday 27. 05. 2017 in the conference and concert hall Paviljonki in Jyväskylä, Finland. I have changed the event to Friday Saturday due to a bigger demand form visitors for those days as opposed to the usual Saturday – Sunday.

Contest categories are: best realistic, small and large colour, small and large black and grey, best lettering, old school, best Watercolour, best graphic, dottism, best of day Friday and best of day Saturday.

Only artists that have a stand at the Convention will be allowed to part take in the competitions. Only the best of days have to be done at the show, for other categories, the tattoos can be older.


Ian-Simply Tattoo – FI

Merette-Simply Tattoo – FI

Vincent Dexter-Dexter tattoos – UK

Alban Essex-Below Zero – FI

Joel-Pori – FI

Jyrke-Tattoos by Jyrke – FI

Atte-Tattoo Atte – EE

David X-Art-David X-Art – GR

John Devilman-on the road – USA

Fabrice-Never Ending Tattoo – BE

Ville Kantola-Lumink – FI

Shannon Romijn-InstInkt – NL

Takabon-Bad Body Tattoo Room – JP

Robin Kodial-Fist of Needles – FI

Vilho-Welho Ink – FI

Janne Pölkki-Kokko Tattoo – FI

Tatu-Tatuoine – FI

Maico-Nico Tattoo – AR

Rogers Aits-Atom Ink Tattoo SHop – FR

Greg Iron-Atom Ink Tattoo SHop – FR

Dustin-Dustin Burt – USA

Marc-All Style Tattoo – DE

Ruth-All Style Tattoos -DE

Dimitry-Tattoo Studio Dimitry Bukhrov – RU

Natalija-Natalija Tattoo – LT

Vasilij-On the road – RU

Daynews-Daynews Tattoo – LT


Ilari-Krunikan Leima


Elisabet-Krunikan Leima

Matt-Fist of Needles

Katarina-Fist of Needles – FI

Descubra Jyväskylä

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