date_range 11 - 13 AGO, 2017

10th Tattoo Jam

room Doncaster Racecourse‎

directions Leger Way, DN2 6BB, Doncaster, South Yorkshire



Tattoo Jam is a World Record Breaking Annual Tattoo Convention.

Taking place in August, Tattoo Jam is the most exciting, most anticipated and most talked about tattoo event of the year. It’s run professionally by the publishers of Skin Deep, Skin Shots International, Tattoo Master Magazines, Tattoo Vixens, The Tattoo Bible, Tattoo Dynamite bookazines and event organisers of the first convention of the year, Tattoo Freeze, as well as The Great British Tattoo Show in London and The Manchester International Tattoo Show.

This year’s Tattoo Jam is once again taking place at Doncaster Racecourse. Following a recent £34 million development, this venue provides a perfect, state-of-the-art location for our three-day event.

With 300+ working artists, a day devoted specifically to those in the industry (ARTIST FRIDAY), seminars, workshops, the Tattoo Masters’ Ball, trade stands, vendors and lots of live entertainment, Tattoo Jam is an unmissable event for anyone with an interest in ink.

After the success of previous Tattoo Jam events, our aim is to keep growing and improving each year. To this effect we have listened and acted on comments made by artists, vendors and public alike over the years, and wish to thank you for the many positive comments made.

The main room, the Lazarus Exhibition Hall, is large enough to comfortably hold the majority of the UK and International tattoo artists and traders, with separate function rooms available so that we can provide you with plenty of musical entertainment and a food hall that caters for all tastes.

Also, with the demand for Tattoo Jam growing, we wanted to find a site with plenty of open space and parking that is easily accessible nationwide. Doncaster Racecourse proved perfect, as it provides parking for up to 3,000 vehicles, and its location in the heart of the country means that there are good road and rail links from both the North and South.

If you want to be part of something a little different this autumn, come join us for a mischievous weekend at the races.


Adam Pekr

Jonny Rayner

Ollie Tye

Lauren Hanson


Will Gee

Paula Castle

Josh Fisher

Aaron Van Tomlinson

Laura Crawford

Lauris Vinbergs

Craig Magee

Andrea Gelsi

Adam Thomas

Jamie Knott

Tony Cox


Marek Misztela

Sean Ing

Hannah Ruth


Jose Alvarez

Naz Montes

Ivan Fernandez

Connor Woodward


Isobel Stevenson Morton

Xed Le Head

sween dark poet

Hannah Rose (Handpoke Hannah)

Craig McKenzie

Martin Rimmer

Jay Blaudums

Emma Hodgson

Liam Jackson

Dani Moscone

Gaynor Weatherill

Ash Goldfinch

Jurgis Mikalauskas

Scott Masterson

Andy Seb

Tono Hernandez

Picasso Dular

Nick Gill

Vincent Dexter

Tasha Jade Lambert

Ramona Stoia

Sonny Mitchell

Natz Coady

Andreas Perez Caro

Pedro Vandiesel

Josh Dixon

Lauren Roberts

Nicola Burini

Dalila Lardella

Carlie B

Rob Jackson

Jay Fletcher

Aaron Fitchett

Graham Lawrence

Michael Cunliffe

Sasha Nicole

Tom Wood

Catalin Micu

Johny D Matthews

Shane Grady

Luke Naylor (Chocolate Thunder)

Steven Mostyn

Mike Laycock

Koen Chamberlain

Rachel Honeywell

Abbie Underwood

Bex Edwards

Mark Mcilvenny

Sam 'sammydodger' Janbi

Stuart Clark

Dave van der Merwe

Sarah Nash

Dan Redican

Chelsea Burton

Nettie Bethal

Drew Govan

Cheryl Gouldthorpe

Darren Millar

Spencer Scott

Stefano Elisir

Rikki Lee Boswell

Ollie Keable

Michael Foley

Laura Symonds

Mike McLeod

Holly Astral

Scott Huntington

Brad Wallis

Sammy Leigh

Dave Wright

Kyeran Kirlew

Hurricane Dana

Gerson Dodaro

Chris Martin

Simon Syder

Ben Russell

Left Hand Tony

Adam Hodgson

Kye Stacey

Alex Honeywell

Nikki Sailor

Lee Aitken

Tomasz Wrobel

Andy Morrell

Caron Marie

Dan Roberts

Ross Elliott

Liam Manson

Demon Dance

Tibor Labancz

Ben Hamill

Charlotte Bradley

Gavin Hackett

Laura Davidson

Ross Shields

Ellie Roberts


Rikki Bentley


Sarah Lawrence

Yasmin Ellis

Phil Haggerstone

Tracy Evans

Brent Goudie

Richard Guy

Liz Stewart

Jason Gray

Dave Martin

Nick Devine

Mick Shipley

Nick Barratt

Rachel Oyston

Pam Green

Rick Shaw

Sean Pascoe

Benedetta Pagnoni

Fatih Tek

Joe Scopetti

Rudi Ridgewell

Rikki Baird

Craig Needham

Andrew Burns

Kyle Egg Williams

Wayne Green

Tommy Tyrrell

Luke Thompson

Anthony Pullin

Tom Woodcock

Pedro Mendonca

Pat 'Swayze' Jolly

Samma Charles

Luke Daniels

Luigi Gala

Matti Ka 'Magic'


Lutero Mariano

Gretsch Gibson


Sweety J

Federico Amaterasu

John Hudic

Brigi Fuzes

Ricky Wright

Callum Hollinshead

Lisa Priestley

Erika Ratto

Alessio Fauci

Szilard Ritzl

Dan Dyson

David Robb

Sasha Wilkinson

Josie Sexton

Lisa Elsom

Fabrice Lorent

Matty Friend

Ollie Smith

Simon Caves

Jamie Blackbourn

Scott Peatfield

Ben Ryall

Brian A Hepworth

Avalon Rose

Bex Priest

Charlotte Bergman

Alex Alvarado

Gareth Way

Robert 'Olo' Olszewski

Etgar Oak

Gergana Petrova 'GiGi'

Descubra Doncaster

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