date_range 18 - 20 NOV

12th Brussels Tattoo Convention

room ING Bruxelles Tour & Taxis

directions Avenue du Port 86, 1000, Bruxelas, Região de Bruxelas - Capital



Brussels Tattoo Convention 2022

One of Europe’s Nr.1 International Tattoo Conventions!

Welcome to another edition of the famous International Brussels Tattoo Convention. An amazing International meeting place once a year in the heart of Europe.

The International Brussels Tattoo Convention is all about tattoos, music & art, custom cars & bikes, great entertainment, meeting new people, and much more!

A huge amazing original show with super many things to see, do, buy, look at, taste & try. But most important is to get tattooed by the world’s finest tattoo artists!

It’s one of the best shows around so don’t miss it!

Descubra Bruxelas

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