Devil in the Detail

room 46 Kingsway, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire 🇬🇧

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Custom Private tattoo studio in Stoke on Trent, UK.

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We are a completely private studio meaning all enquiries and visits must be either pre booked with a specific time and date beforehand, or whilst our doors are unlocked between 11am and 12pm for bookings and consultations.

We use any image references a customer has as a guide to create something 100% unique to every individual.

The 3 artists in the studio all have their own style of work, from Jennas unique twist on neo traditional, to Bens hyper realism and portraiture, to Coops dotwork and trash polka.

*********Always research your artist to get an idea of the type of piece that you'll get************

We do not give set prices for pieces, we go off a daysitting rate, as its difficult to say how long it will take to complete. The work is going to be on you for life, and therefore quality takes time. We will never put something on a customer that you and our artists are not 100% happy with!

Each artist has a different waiting time, so please bare this in mind when booking!

Any booking requires a non refundable deposit.

Any questions please feel free to drop me a private message and i'll be happy to answer them.

Jo Ditd :)

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